Throughout history, our ancestors used ear candling or Coning to keep themselves in good health. Many Europeans have told Sandra directly that either Mother or Grandmother would make the hollow candles and perform Coning on every family member every Spring, or as needed for ear and head problems.

We honour our ancestors who kept the flame of Coning alive. Coning fire medicine is a preventive and non-invasive remedy that gives results. Today it addresses the needs of individuals seeking a different and natural perspective for keeping and maintaining good health.

Coning’s success can be explained through Quantum Physics, holistic energy anatomy and fire’s scientific factors. We have quoted the conclusions of doctors and scientists and recipients; outlined benefits and results; highlighted the best cone candle attributes; detailed the safety and advantages of using the Cone Candle Adaptor. And much more!

We do hope our site provides a more expanded view and perception of Coning …beyond Ear Candling as we know it.

This site is for educational purposes only. Candles by Sandra neither diagnoses, prescribes, treats specific ailments nor gives medical advice.