BE SAFE! – don’t stick that candle directly in your ear!

The ‘Cone Candle Safety-Hold’ method adapts the old home remedy known as ear candling to a modern Western-style, safe and comfortable treatment. The candle sits in the Safety-Hold Adaptor protecting the ear. See RESULTS

the Recipient:

  • Does not turn over from side to side
  • Can relax and fall asleep
  • Can be lying, sitting up or reclining
  • Can sit in a wheelchair
  • Can ‘do-it-yourself’

 the Advantages:

  • Designed for safe hygienic treatments
  • Used and recommended for over 20 years
  • Professional treatment for clients
  • No threat that wax will fall in the ear
  • non-invasive, reusable and affordable
  • Candle does not burn directly over the head
  • supported by Candles by Sandra

 the Safety-Hold Adaptor:

  • Securely holds the cone candle
  • Adjustable for coning or cleaning
  • Can be washed and sterilized
  • Durable to last a lifetime
  • Fits hygienic disposable speculums
  • One adaptor does the whole family