Physician Says

Dr. Patrick Quanten M.D. a renowned Medical Doctor in the United Kingdom, has made his life’s work finding similarities between Ancient Knowledge and modern Western Science. He is a strong voice and advocate for using Ear Candling (Coning).

Dr. Quanten explains that benefits experienced from Coning parallel what happens when the body is shifted to a Parasympathetic State of the autonomic nervous system – the body is allowed to relax and release blockages, tension and toxins.

He further explains that Coning also strengthens the bodily systems through balancing the energetic system; that adding heat to the body’s system through Coning, especially in such a subtle way, may show some of the following results:

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage, therefore swelling goes down
  • Burns off excess mucus in sinuses, nose & inner ear providing improved breathing
  • Increases effectiveness of white blood cells giving an improved immune response
  • Stimulates the pituitary gland which helps the glandular system
  • Promotes relaxation to allow appropriate chemicals to reverse stress effects
  • Helps normalize adrenal glands & boosts neuro-chemicals of pineal & pituitary
  • Brings glandular and limbic system to a harmonious ideal state of function
  • Clears and strengthens chakras & meridians, allowing Life Force energy to every cell
  • Provides an increased level of health and a greater sense of being ‘in-tune’