Recipient Results

“The benefits of Coning are varied and multiple. Ear candling (coning) strengthens the immune system and therefore protects against infections, allergies, excess mucus, ear troubles, asthma and bronchitis. It delivers extra energy to the body, making you feel more alert, improving taste and smell, eyesight, and enhancing the metabolic function.”           Dr. Patrick Quanten M.D.

Clients report improvement in:

  • memory and sleeping patterns
  • physical, mental and emotional energy
  • listening to conversations with ease and perception
  • focused thinking & comprehension in learning, studying, exams
  • enhanced sense of smell, taste, vision and hearing
  • hearing distinctions in sounds and tones
  • articulation and expression
  • clarity and alertness
  • toning of the vocal chords
  • inflammation in the body
  • vertigo, balance problems, dizziness
  • jaw stress and teeth grinding
  • pressure headaches, migraines, throbbing head and neck pains
  • problems associated with wearing hearing aids or headsets
  • earaches, ringing in ears, head fulness, pulsing and fogginess
  • ear/head problems associated with loud music and noise
  • problems associated with air pressure changes & jet lag
  • ear/head problems when working in a dusty/dirty environment
  • ear problems due to swimming and other water sports

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