Who Can Benefit

“The truth is, you do not have to believe in ear candling (coning) before it delivers its beneficial effects to you. You only decide whether or not you want to hold on to those effects. You are always receiving them.” Dr. Patrick Quanten M.D., United Kingdom

Anecdotal evidence and clinical results, from hundreds of Coning recipients, have shown Improvements and health benefits. Visual assessments through Aura and Kirlian Photography, Live Blood Cell Analyses, Kinesiology and Physicians have been documented.

Significant Benefits for Those Who:

  • want relief from stressors and accompanying symptoms
  • want deep restful sleep
  • want to experience soothing relaxation
  • want to experience a deep state for meditation
  • want to feel happier with more joy in life
  • want to feel more energetic and vigorous
  • want relief from head and ear problems
  • want relief from TMJ distress and teeth grinding
  • want relief from air pressure fluctuations as a flight attendant
  • relief as a pilot, downhill skier, boat racer, scuba diver, swimmer
  • wear ear protection, earbuds, headphones, hearing aids
  • listen to or play loud music regularly
  • work or play in a dusty, dirty or noisy environment