Doctor’s Views

When we know how our body works, we can understand how and why Ear Candling (Coning) mobilizes the immune system. The following authors give a broader view to understanding how our body works to maintain good health.

“When we become ill, cells and molecules are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern. These cells and molecules often recover when exposed to their normal vibrational resonance frequencies.” Dr. Paul M. F. Nogier M.D., known as the father of Western auriculotherapy (ear therapy)

“Malfunctioning of the chakras eventually becomes organic malfunction (physical body illness).” Renee Weber, PhD, Rutgers University USA

“When we are ill and have pain we think it is our body that is sick, when in reality it is the body’s energy currents which are out of balance. All pain is an obstruction of energy flow between body and brain. The whole secret to life is the body’s absorption of light energy and its proper distribution in a balanced manner for vitalization of the body.” Dr. Charles McWilliams, Photobiotics

The German “Riza Psicosomatica” magazine published, in 1992, an article stating the results of tests carried out by doctors on the use of Ear Cones. Research indicated the efficacy for obstruction of the ear duct and otalgia (pain) during otitis (inflammation).

“Each chakra has a location, shape, sound, colour and associated gland. When the chakras are balanced and in harmony you experience good health.” B. A. Brennan, former NASA Scientist, in ‘Light Emerging’

The World Health Organization ‘Standard Acupuncture Nomenclature’ lists about 400 acupuncture points and 20 meridian pathways; the ear having a strong connection to the central nervous system as several meridian pathways run through it.