Fire Medicine

Dr. Patrick Quanten M.D. a renowned Medical Doctor in the United Kingdom, has made his life’s work finding similarities between Ancient Knowledge and modern Western Science. He is a strong voice and advocate for using Ear Candling (Coning).

“Ear candling (Coning) always delivers heat, dryness and lightness to the body, therefore changing the energy field of the person receiving it directly.” Dr. P. Quanten

Coning as a fire medicine maintains strong ties to ancient healing systems whose benefits are derived through a balanced Life Field. The power of fire is sacred. Nature is changed through fire. The idea of using fire and smoke as a purifying and transformational force is very old and it commonly manifests itself in ceremonies and celebrations.

The Coning tradition employs the power of fire and has emerged as one of the most vital life-changing techniques from the old world. Fire creates heat-smoke-aroma-shape as well as light-sound-colour which influence our whole being through our six senses. The burning of the Cone candle sends intelligent information to the energy system which allows bodily changes through fire’s resonation. Ear candling (Coning) assists the body’s innate wisdom to restore good health.

“The truth is, you do not have to believe in ear candling before it delivers its beneficial effects to you. You only decide whether or not you want to hold on to those effects. You are always receiving them.” Dr. P. Quanten

“Ear candling acts upon the human energy field itself without the interference of other factors, like the person delivering the therapy. For that reason, it is a powerful energetic healing tool.” Dr. P. Quanten